Hotel Uhland supports children in Katutura

We support the project "Bernard Nordkamp Centre" (BNC) in Windhoek Katutura because our help directly reaches the children.
The Bernard Nordkamp Centre is a day-care centre, where orphans and other vulnerable children receive not only a meal but also education and enjoy sports, crafts and educational games. A main focus lays in developing  social competencies as they will help the kids to find employment later.


Education at regular schools is often not enough, so that many children who leave school do not know how to read and write. The BNC tries to break this chain of poor families - bad education - poor families by offering those kids that really want to learn extra support. About 130 children come to the centre every day for a warm meal (often the only meal for the whole day), sports, activities and education in small classes.

The children also do receive free school uniforms and stationary if they attend to their regular schools, come to the centre regularly (they are not allowed to miss more than twice per month) and show with their behaviour, that they do want to learn. These kids are all very polite and have really good manners.


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If you have the time and feel like visiting the centre, we can arrange that for you. If you drop your donations at Hotel Uhland, we will make sure, that everything really reaches the children. All kinds of donations are very welcome!

Hotel Uhland is supporting the BNC for many years by donating every week fresh fruit and vegetables for the daily lunch.


Every year the kids of the BNC organize a Thank-you Concert for all the donors and sponsors. With singing and dancing the children hand over hand written thank-you letters to all the different persons and companies that were supporting them in the last year. Here you can see some of the letters that Hotel Uhland received:

Thank you letter 1 - Thank you letter 2 -
Thank you letter 3 
- Thank you letters 2014

The very dedicated principal of the BNC MaryBeth Gallagher proudly announced that many children finished the school year with results between 70-90% instead of of 30-40% as it used to be in the past. Congratulations to this big success!


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Powerpoint Show about the BNC (190 MB large)

Powerpoint Show for BNC Powerpoint Show for BNC 2013-12-13 | 194,797.5 kB

This is a very impressive Powerpoint show with lots and lots of pictures and informations about the BNC.


The association NEIA e.V. ("NEIA" stands for sustainable development in Africa) in Germany supports this one and other projects. If you are interested in voluntary work or if you are searching for further information, please refer to