My Katutura - very private

As several guests of Hotel Uhland asked for a more personal, private insight to the every day life of our staff members, we are now very proud to offer the following specials:

  • My Katutura: one of our english speaking staff members will take you to his/her home in Katutura and show you the places where their private life is happening: shops, schools, restaurants, etc. 
  • Church: did you always want to enjoy a real african service with singing and dancing and lots of fun? Our staff members are welcoming you to join a service at their own church.

For both activities, it is essential to pre-book so that arrangements can be made. Our staff members are no official tour guides, they just show you a part of their private life. Your private Uhland-Guide will meet you at the hotel and will take you to the places of interest. As they all do not have cars, you must please provide transport.

It will take about 2-4 hours and you will be charged 150,00 N$ per person. Two thirds of this money are for the person taking you around and one third is going into the "Hotel Uhland Initiative for Better Education" (HUBE) to support families struggeling with the costs involved with the education of their children.