Hotel Uhland Initiative for Better Education (HUBE)

In Namibia the lack of education is still one of the major problems: the families that do not have much money, can hardly afford to buy school uniforms, stationary, food etc etc. So the children do not attend the school lessons and when they are old enough to leave school, they hardly can read or write or even calculate. So they can not get jobs (at least not jobs that are well remunerated) and their children again suffer the same fate.

This is where we start our initiative:
We directly support families to give their children a better education.

Even if our staff members in comparison with other companies do get a quite good salary, the costs for education for their children are so high, that they really do struggle. In average each of our employees does support 3 to 4 children.

The money we receive for the HUBE project is used directly to pay school related matters and to support where help is urgently needed. The main focus is to enable namibian children to get the best possible education.

Donations in form of money are very welcome. We guarantee that there will be no administrative or other fees deducted in any way, in contrary, we regularly add up the amount so that it does make a difference for the families.

Irmgard and Juergen Rannersmann